With THE HOOD GUYS CERTIFICATION  you have a choice!

Finally, there is a choice. THE HOOD GUYS CERTIFICATION can offer you an alternative to formaldehyde. THE HOOD GUYS CERTIFICATION has formed an alliance with BIOQUELL, a manufacturer of hydrogen peroxide decontamination equipment. We are now able to decontaminate laboratory equipment and rooms, just as effectively, but without the same risk or clean up. It is also safe for any equipment with intricate circuit boards.

Bio-decontamination of laboratory or laboratory equipment can easily be achieved by depositing an even layer of "micro-condensation" of HPV vapor over all surfaces. The vapor generators used by THE HOOD GUYS CERTIFICATION Services can provide this "micro-condensation" to effectively decontaminate laboratory equipment of all types. Scientific research has proven this low temperature "residue-free" deposit of vapor deactivates micro organisms during the decontamination process using far less toxic methods than the alternatives.

Reducing our "carbon footprint" is something we all want to strive for these days and HPV does not contribute to the increase of CO2 and other "greenhouse" gases typically associated with alternative decontamination methods.